Coronavirus Information and Resources

I haven’t written a blog post in over two years, but if there’s a time start posting again, it’s in the middle of a pandemic. As you know, coronavirus is sweeping the world right now. With an abundance of access to news, social media, and personal opinions about the disease, comes conflicting information and resources. Thus, I’ve compiled a list of reputable and trustworthy sources anyone can check in order to stay up to date about the coronavirus response.

Public Health Resources

World Health Organization (WHO):

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center and Interactive Map:

U.S. Government Guidelines and Response

U.S. Government:

U.S. Department of Defense:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration:

News Sources

The Washington Post:

The Guardian:


Social Media Accounts


World Health Organization (WHO): @who

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): @cdcgov

Tiny Drops of Health: @tinydropsofhealth


National Institutes of Health (NIH): @NIH

NPR Health News: @NPRHealth

CNN International: @cnni


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