A Quick Chat About Joel Osteen

Following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston and Louisiana area, Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church received massive backlash for not opening the doors of the church as a shelter for hurricane victims. Lakewood Church, previously home to the Houston Rockets, sits 16,000 people and is located in the western part of the city. Social media began criticizing the megachurch because the doors were … Continue reading A Quick Chat About Joel Osteen

Growing Up Black In America

Growing Up Black in America Means… Being followed around in a jewelry store as a 7th grader. Seeing very little representation of yourself on T.V. Except on B.E.T. (And seeing arguments that one channel centered on black entertainment is racist). Having to (laughingly) explaining the difference between a perm and natural hair to, well, a lot of people. Seeing videos of black and brown people … Continue reading Growing Up Black In America

I Am Not Your “Model” Christian

I grew up in the Baptist Church. I’m talking tambourines, huge choirs, 3 hour services, and church mothers. But that doesn’t mean anything because: I don’t pray every day. Most days, my prayers don’t offer up praise and thanksgiving. Rather, I ask a multitude of questions and wait patiently for answers. Sometimes it seems like they don’t come. I don’t go to church every single … Continue reading I Am Not Your “Model” Christian