A “Thank You” for Teachers

A high school classmate of mine who also has a personal blog, wrote a post entitled “A Letter to My A.P. U.S. History Teacher.” Shoutout to Olivia. Check out her blog here: http://anchorformysoul320.wordpress.com/. Being someone who has always expressed themselves best through writing (I literally would write my parents essays and notes when I needed to explain something I did wrong), I found the idea very refreshing. … Continue reading A “Thank You” for Teachers

Most Friendships Are Meant to be Temporary

By the middle of April, most of my high school classmates had given up on learning anything. The ‘Senioritis’ was real. Most of my teachers understood this fact and opted to share their advice about life after we walked across the stage in May. The number one thing that almost every adult stressed was that the friendships that we had now probably wouldn’t exist in … Continue reading Most Friendships Are Meant to be Temporary

Black Panther is the Reason I’m Writing Again

It’s only been almost three weeks since Black Panther premiered in the U.S. I’m betting that by now, whether a person has seen it or not, everyone has heard something about this movie. Whether it’s the praise of the almost all black cast in Marvel’s 19th superhero film, or the socially conscious dialogue, or even the fact that it’s a good movie – everyone knows … Continue reading Black Panther is the Reason I’m Writing Again